Calendar of Events

Meeting-Hait-LongMost meetings will be held at the David Library of the American Revolution, Stone Hall, on the second floor of the Conference Center at 1201 River Road, Washington Crossing, PA.  Parking and entrance to the Conference Center are located in the rear of the Library building.  For directions, please see the Library's website at  Check individual meeting listings for alternate locations.

The fee to attend most meetings will be $5 for members and $10 for non-members, and will be collected at the door.  Reservations are NOT required.

If you attend a regular meeting as a non-member, and then choose to join the Society at the end of the same meeting, the meeting fee will be applied to your membership fee.

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August 2016 Meeting: Cathy Ivins on Genetic Genealogy

When:  Saturday, August 6, 2016, 10 am to 12 noon
Where:  David Library of the American Revolution

 Genetic Genealogy: DNA for Newbies, Wannabes, and Crackerjacks

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  The popularity of DNA analysis flourishes with witty television promotion, and affordable at-home kits. But the value to genealogists is more than just prediction of ethnicity. It can boost your family tree research, break through a brick wall, and help find biological families. It can confirm your findings obtained through traditional genealogy research, and even provide you personal health information. Our speaker will take us step by step in determining the right test and testing company for our needs, decoding the mysterious results, using third-party tools, and creating skeleton trees to link to our DNA as “cousin bait.” (No science prerequisite required!) Whether you are a NEWBIE and need help understanding your results and what to do with them, a WANNABE curious what DNA can do for you, or a CRACKERJACK that can share your knowledge and experience during the program, we hope to see you August 6th. 

Cathy Logo2 

  Cathy Ivins

  Cathy Ivins is a charter member of BCGS as well as its Director of Publicity for the last three years. An Instructional Assistant for the Bristol Township School District by day, she has been researching her family history for over 12 years. Cathy completed the Practical Genetic Genealogy course at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, taught by CeCe Moore, Debbie Parker Wayne, and Blaine Bettinger, as well as Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy, taught by Michael Ramage and other experts in the field. Cathy has benefited tremendously from DNA testing and hopes to encourage others to “give a spit!”



September 2016 Meeting: Computer Lab Session at CRHS-N

When:  Date to be determined
Where:  Council Rock High School North Library, Newtown, PA

 Back 2 School for Genealogy!

 Computer lab session at CRHS-N Library

  Research your family history with your helpful peers at BCGS. Free use of (Library edition) will be available on the library computers. Or bring your own laptop and use the school's free wifi. Lookups on other sites will be available as well as advice from experienced members. There is no admission charge for this workshop! Bring your friends and family!



October 2016 Meeting: Gideon Hill on Genealogical Scams, Frauds and Hoaxes

When:  Saturday, October 1, 2016, 10 am to 12 noon
Where:  David Library of the American Revolution
Subject:  Great-Grandpa Bought a Bridge: Genealogical Scans, Frauds and Hoaxes
  Deception in genealogy has a long history.  Unfortunately for the modern researcher, the legacy of genealogists who were less than honest may impact the results of our efforts even today.  This presentation will evaluate deception in the context of the Genealogical Proof Standard while taking a bemused, retrospective look at some of the more notable scans, frauds, and hoaxes from the past.

 HILL Gideon face shot


Gideon Hill


Gideon Hill has been researching his family for over 45 years.  His research interests are pre-1750 Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  He's completed the Genealogical Research Certificate of Boston University and is especially interested in how the academic field of Social History can inform genealogical research and the compiling of a family history.

His professional background is in the field of Family Medicine.  He attended the University of Delaware and Jefferson Medical College.  He had the honor of serving n the United States Air Force Medical Corps -- and was delighted to have been stationed in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, one of his ancestral homelands.



November 2016: Annual Meeting and Pot Luck

When:  Saturday, November 5, 2015, 10 am to 12 pm
Where:  David Library of the American Revolution

 Annual Elections and Pot Luck Brunch

Our November program will begin with our annual business meeting, including elections for 2017 Executive Board positions.  Members and guests will then enjoy a Pot Luck Brunch of favorite family recipes. Please bring a dish to share with the group, along with a recipe or a story that goes with it. We are offering $5 off admission to anyone bringing a food item.

December 2016 Meeting: Tom Myers at the Mercer Museum Library

When:  Saturday, December 3, 2016, 10 am to 12 noon
Where:  Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA
Subject:  Bucks County Resources at the Mercer Museum
  This presentation will offer an overview of the records available to researchers at the Mercer Museum (Spruance) Library, operated by the Bucks County Historical Society.

 Thomas G. Myers


Tom Myers is the author of numerous books indexing and abstracting Bucks County records, including Will Abstracts 1825-1870 and 1870-1900, Orphans' Court Records 1685-1852 and 1852-1900, and Miscellaneous Deed Dockets 1785-1857 and 1857-1900.  He is the Query Coordinator for the Bucks County Genealogical Society, and his donation to the BCGS of records he transcribed as a volunteer for the Bucks County Historical Society provided the initial basis for the Bucks County Database now available to the public on our website.