Rosie the Riveter Project

Rosie the Riveter rev 1BCGS has embarked on a new project to honor the ladies who served their country during World War II.   We are asking our members to participate in this project by submitting the names, service description, dates if known, and a photograph of their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and their friends and neighbors who participated in the war effort by serving in the military, working in a defense industry, or otherwise making a contribution to support the war effort.  The photos and other information will be combined into a presentation that will be posted on this site, along with a searchable index of the submitted names.  The individuals you submit do not have to be related to you, and do not have to be from Bucks County.

You can submit your information in either of two ways:

  • Go to our online Rosie the Riveter submission page and fill out the information on your female ancestor; or
  • Click here to print out a paper form, fill it out and either email it to Connie Ace at or Joann Cosgrove at, or mail it to Connie Ace at the address at the bottom of the form.