Newtown Methodist Church Cemetery, Newtown

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Located in:

Street address:
35 Liberty St., Newtown, PA 18940

GPS location:
Latitude: 40.229655
Longitude: -74.935334

Newtown United Methodist Chursh

Burial summary
Number of burials: 85
First burial: 1836
Last burial: Unknown

Contact information:
Mary Catherine Miller
35 Liberty St.
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 215-968-2662

Web address:

Original burial records:
Location unknown

Other references:
The Newtown Historic Society has a partial transcription of burials.

This cemetery is on Findagrave.

Enter the cemetery from Green St. There are only about 20 headstones remaining. A lot have been damaged or destroyed. They have Civil War burials.

Thanks to volunteer Phyllis Wolfson for gathering information on this cemetery

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