Vandegrift Cemetery, Bensalem

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Street address:
Bristol Pike (Rt. 13) & Cornwells Ave., Bensalem, PA 19020

GPS location:
Latitude: 40.07690
Longitude: -74.95217


Burial summary
Number of burials: 326 +-
First burial: 1775
Last burial: ongoing

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Location unknown

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Entries in our database were taken from "A Compilation of Bensalem Cemeteries" by Sally VanSant Sondesky, donated to BCGS by the author. Click here to view the entire document.

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This cemetery was established about 1775. About 20 years before this Indian trail was turned into the Kings Highway which eventually became Frankford Avenue (in Bucks County it is Bristol Pike or Rt. 13.) In the late 1700s, it probably made sense to put a cemetery next to the newly completed Kings Highway, because this was all undeveloped Indian land. Today, it is most unusual, off to the side of a major road with no seeming affiliation with any church. Its 296 interments are from a church, yet there is no church nearby. One Hundred Three of the folks buried here are Vandegrifts. Another nine are VanSants. Although there are only a few VanSants buried here, there were many marriages between the two families dating back to the early 1700's. Around the time when both families migrated from New Utrecht in the New Netherlands to Bucks County and points farther south. Therefore, a large number of Vandegrifts may carry VanSant blood. This small area is a reminder of Bensalem's early settlers. Early burial records have been lost, but you can still read the names on some of the gravestones. The cemetery is well tended.

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