Souderton Independent obituaries 1906-1914

Record typeNewspaper obituary
Donated byThomas G. Myers
Date addedFeb 07, 2014
DescriptionThis record set includes obituaries published in the Souderton Independent newspaper between 1906 and 1914. The obituaries were transcribed by Thomas G. Myers, who donated the transcriptions to the BCGS for inclusion in their website.

The Souderton Independent was a newspaper published out of Souderton, Montgomery County beginning in 1878, originally as a German-language publication but soon changing to English. Even though this was not a Bucks County newspaper, its obituaries included deaths of many Bucks County residents or former residents. In the years covered by these obituaries, it was a weekly paper published on Fridays.

The entries contain the full text of the obituaries. They are indexed at a minimum by the first and last name of the person whose death was being reported. In some cases no first name was published for a child who died; in that instance the index contains the first name "[child]" and the surname of the parent. Also, if the obituary of a wife who died did not contain her first name, but only "Mrs." followed by her husband's name, the first name in the index will be "Mrs. xxxx".

Some of the obituaries are also indexed by the names of the parents and/or spouse of the decedent, as well as the birth name of married women if recorded in the obituary. We are continuing to add additional names to the index, including maiden names of married women where available.

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